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You raise me up to more than I can be


Met with partner to find sources for our engineering paper. Gonna meet back up at 8 tonight with the sources highlighted and sorted through to work on the actual paper; if I'm lucky, we may get it done tonight and be done with it. That'd be nice.

I should probably go eat something or other, but I had cookies and chicken soup before I went to class. -shrug- Which is all I've had thus far today. And I felt sick after the chicken soup. >_< (That may or may not be because I had a bunch of cookies right before that. :P)

Tim's not bad to work with, and not annoying like a lot of the overly-friendly people.

This ~10-page paper is due on Tuesday. The next Tuesday, we have a ~5-page paper due (also for Engineering) with another partner where we do a whole heck of a lot of crap with investigating a product and figuring out how it works and what problems it might have and this and that and the other. 14 points (some of which have several points in them) that we have to cover.

Also have the STS paper to do, which I need to do work for so that I'll be prepared to conduct the interview Thursday at 10 AM.

And, most pressingly, I have my first chem test tomorrow, and I know nothing. =/ This is a big deal, as this should be my best and easiest grade in the class - this is all the basics. I have a lot of work to do tonight. -sigh-

Hey look, a real update! Not just bitching and whining and complaining! It's amazing!

Working with partners has both a bad side and a good side - and they're the same reason. It makes me work. I don't want to work. But I have to, if I have someone else riding on my work as well, so I do it. Which is very good, but kinda annoying. ;) But if it gets me energized and motivated to do work, then thank god! Engineering will be good because it's all teamwork, so I should be able to do fine in it. Another class I don't have to worry about.

I'm slightly worried about calc - the quizzes are easy because the teacher goes over the problems that people request before the quiz, and the quiz questions are directly from the homework (or might have some numbers changed). I'm pretty sure I got full credit for the quiz today (not entirely sure why I missed 2 points on the first one, in fact; I should check that out). But that also means that, when tests come around (which are worth a lot more of my grade), I might well be screwed. =/ And the final.. yow! I'm scared of finals. Very scared.

But pretty much, Chem and STS are the main problems at the moment. -nods- And this one problem I'm having with the Java homework - but I should be able to look that up in the book or something.

Going to try to finish Engineering tonight and the part of the other Engineering that's due next Tuesday on Thursday after class. Tonight, I also have to study for Chem and see if I can't pull off something decent. (20 multiple choice questions, so if nothing else, I can put random answers and hope!) Probably tomorrow, I'm going to go to the Engineering career days thing and do my extra credit for Engineering. And tomorrow, I also have to get all my stuff ready for the interview on Thursday.

That's pretty much the setup of my workload and problems with that workload at the moment. Hope you all enjoyed that. :)

[Note also that I don't mention calc homework in there at any point. Because I'm not doing it. =/ I don't like looking up the homework I have to do. XP So I don't do it. We'll see how that works out. Quizzes thus far are fine; the tests and final are, as I mentioned, what I'm worried about.]

Yeah, going to go grab some food and come back to work on the Engineering sources. Shouldn't take too long, and then - theoretically - I can get to work on my other work. Lke chem. =/

Definitely coming back this weekend. >) If anyone knows where I can find An American Tale, I'll love you to pieces!

Sorry for the lengthy and slightly repetitive update.

edit: Make that ~9 or quarter after for working with Tim.
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