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Ya know, I'm not really sure why I update. I don't need to remember most of this stuff, and I'm fairly certain that very few people actually bother to read my entries - mostly because they don't change; it's all the same. I wouldn't read my entries either. In fact, I don't bother to look back at them, because they're all worthless.

Sparks - doing L'Hopital's rule in calc now. Or rather, did it today.

edit: 01. My hair is not my natural color.
02. I have lost my virginity.
03. I get annoyed when I don't get to finish telling a story.
04. I don't like to wear pink. :P
05. Sometimes I wish I could do something really, really amazingly well.
06. I don't drink a lot of water.
07. I have taken a hit of a cigarette.
08. I like musicians.
09. I'm such a clean freak.
10. I love taking pictures.
11. I have really tiny wrists.
12. I can identify some close friends by smell.
13. I'm so not nice.
14. I hate it when people complain about "your" and "you're".
15. I think dorkiness is attractive.
16. I have had a fake screen name.
17. I wish I had a fish.
18. I miss middle school.
19. I don't hardly eat. (at college)
20. I have a hard time making up my mind sometimes.
21. I wish my hair naturally curled.
22. I can't live without chapstick.
23. I can sing.
24. I like classical music sometimes.
25. Striped pants are not hot.
26. I think Schylar is a really cool name.
27. I get sarcasm.
28. I wish I could look in a mirror and constantly be satisfied with myself.
29. I dont shift between being sleepy and awake, if im tired, i sleep.
30. I always vaccuum.
32. I want someone to hold me.
33. I like watermelon flavored things.
34. I dont care about grammar.
35. I am a terrible liar. (terrible as in I'm not very good at it, or I don't try to be, anyway)
36. Axe deoderant smells WONDERFUL.
37. I wish I knew how to speak in Italian.
38. I'm pretty sure i didn't try to kiss a member of the opposite sex when I was in kindergarten.
39. I am learning to be happy wherever I am.
40. I have no idea what my school musical is about.
41. I appreciate honesty.
42. I need a manicure.
43. I love Dr. Pepper.
44. I twirl my hair. (when I have hair to twirl, sometimes)
45. I love kissing. (somewhat; honestly, I'd rather just hold the person (though some kissing is a part of that anyway))
46. I own a cellphone.
47. I want to learn to play the piano.
48. I'm not old enough to vote.
49. I forget about the past far too much. (ish - I forget everything far too much)
50. I need to remember to be a teenager sometimes.
51. I want to see most of the world.
52. Sometimes I wonder what's going on in other parts of the world.
53. I hate being lied to.
54. I believe in a thing called love.
55. I go shopping usually once a week.
56. Today is Thursday.
57. I've read more than a 100 books. (I'm not actually sure.)
58. I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for the sake of being able to rhyme. (Sometimes.)
59. I HATE feet.
60. I like getting compliments. (It depends; most of the time, I don't, but it depends.)
61. I want the world to see me. (Heh.. I kinda like hiding away... But in the long run, yes.)
62. I think it's funny when girls wear so much makeup that their faces become incandescent. (Ugh. I think it's ugly and retarded. I hate makeup, generally.)
63. I hate seeing kids that think they're different because they like Slipknot and shop at Hot Topic.
64. I wear too much perfume.
65. I wear pants more than I wear shorts.
66. I am tactful most of the time.
67. I'm afraid of spiders.
68. I get too attached to some people.
69. I'm usually on time. (I try to be, or early.)
70. I forgive forget but I don't forget forgive.
71. I think way too much for my own good.
72. My current relationship is teaching me a lot.
73. I like salads from McDonalds.
74. I read for at least one hour most nights before bed.
75. I talk to a lot of people I don't like because I hate being rude.
76. I sing to myself in the shower. (Sometimes.)
77. Funny guys turn me on.
78. I wish I were asleep. (Sure. One of the things I'd rather be doing.)
79. I love Reeses peanut butter cups.
80. I always have too much energy.
81. I don't have a friend who has an outtie bellybutton. (I don't think.)
82. I have driven a car.
83. There is no nailpolish on my nails.
84. I am unafraid to change, but I don't think I realize the boundary between change and utter transformation.
85. I wear black, thin-rimmed glasses.
86. Goodbyes make me sad.
87. I dont like ice cream.
88. I love cuddling. (This is quite probably my favorite activity in the world. Couple that with gaming, and I'm in an absolutely ideal situation.)
89. I don't run when I'm bored. (Took a couple minutes to realize what this means.. oddly enough, I was just in a conversation about this yesterday.)
90. I wish I were more attractive to others. (I wish I were more attractive to myself. People are attracted to me for whatever reason/s. *shrug*)
91. I worry too much sometimes about what people think. (Sometimes. Mostly only certain people, though.)
92. I'm a billion times better than I was in junior high school.
93. Compliments make me happy. (Again, sometimes. Wasn't this one already on here?)
94. I like long car rides with certain people. (Sometimes; kinda rare.)
95. I HATE when people incorrectly label me.
96. I wonder a lot who I'm going to end up marrying. (I try not to think about it, though. Doesn't work, but I try.)
97. I listen to the things no one else cares about.
98. I can't draw from imagination.
99. TyPiNg LIeK diS anNoyes mEeeh.
100. This took too long.
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