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Congratulations, Pat!


Though, it makes me sad that I don't get to accompany her. :'(

I wish I had kept my formula sheet from calc. I need to go back and check to see if I did, cuz if not, I need to start a new one. [I hate arc trig. At least we only have to know arcsin, arccos, and arctan. And it's funny that we're STILL in review from my calc I class.]

In CS, Prof. Bloomfield stopped in the middle of his lecture to change the background on the powerpoint presentation because it was getting too obnoxious. :P That was funny.

In Java, if you divide by 0, it prints out, "Infinity." Coal!

"Did you just add the private to that field?"
"Oh damn, that's not supposed to be there. That's next slide."

On an SAT, a triangle was given with vertices A, B, and C, and the test-taker was told to "Name this triangle." One guy named it "Fred." It was marked wrong, so he sued and got his points back. The problem was unclearly stated.

skwerrel> sigh...sometimes i really wish i could just ignore my brain and become a christian

edit: "What are your goals after college?"
"Take over the world."
"Lofty goal."

Lacey thinks STS and Engineering are pointless too. XP

"::raises hand::"
"Let's get someone else to talk. ...*starts* I'm sure your ideas are good."

Prof didn't check sources today, but I need 15 for Monday. But that worked out well.
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