Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Why is there nothing to do and nobody to talk to?


All I really have that I can do is homework. This blows.

I should start reading something.. -sigh- [though that involves finding a library, and I seem to be having trouble finding a library that has books that I care about. ya know, like, a normal library]

WHY ARE YOU ALL NOT HERE WHEN I WANT YOU TO BE?! Jeez; you're supposed to conform your lives to my whims!

>.> <.< >.>


So uhh.. anyone wanna do anything? >.>


I seriously need to find something to do here other than homework during the week. This blows. =/

edit: [22:00] JimBob4554: -cough-
[22:00] JimBob4554: well, actually.. -sneeze-
[22:00] JimBob4554: darnit
[22:00] JimBob4554: i sneeze a lot around here for some reason
[22:00] JimBob4554: i think i'm allergic to UVA
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