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The night.

"47 percent of last year's graduates participated in a study abroad program."

Wow. That's.. wow. [UofRichmond]

edit: So yeah. Went to the library, did one source, and then didn't feel like doing any more and came back. I can access anything I'm going to be doing there from here - I'm not going to be looking into actual books right now, and I can get to the databases from anywhere. So yeah.

Hopefully, by the end of the night, I'll actually have the other 4 sources I need.

=/ Not much to do other than homework. Sucks. Want to DO something! Dammit.


I need to check Myles' schedule sometime to see when he has classes and stuff. Or just get his screen name so that I can talk to him on AIM and ask him if he's busy. *cough hint cough MYLES*
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