Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Nothing to say! heh heh.

Wet sandals down non-carpetted floor <> fun. [No, I didn't fall, but my foot slipped.]

I looked over calc yesterday.. which was pretty much worthless, since I'll look over it again now and it won't matter. *shrug* Didn't do any of the [calc] homework, but hopefully it won't matter.

Have a lot to do today; have a lot to do this week, really. A lot to get ready for tomorrow, a bit to get ready for Thursday, a lot to get ready for next Monday, a lot to get ready for next Wednesday, a lot to get ready for next Thursday. -sighs-

Unless I get really lucky with my partner and working things out for the paper for Engineering, I won't be coming home this weekend, because I'll be here working on that (not to mention catching up in chemistry, since I have a quiz on Wednesday (4 quizzes + drop the lowest = 60% of my final grade). =/

Not much in the way of classes today - glad I dropped ROTC, as it gives me time to do work on Tuesdays/Thursdays. Which is nice, because I need that time. -sighs-

Hoping hoping hoping to survive. XP

Sorry if I'm not giving it a chance, Myles. I know I'm not. But honestly, I can't give everything a chance - I'm giving something else a chance that conflicts with this, and right now, the other one is more important (provided I still receive a decent education, which is why I'm trying to find the best college that's within decent commuting distance from home).

I wish I had more fun classes. If all my classes were like CS, I'd love the work here to death. (Not to mention I wouldn't have a crapload of stuff to do.) But I'm ladened down with stupid classes that E School forces me to take that are completely and utterly worthless to me. Chemistry is not something that I think is important in the least - not to me. I recognize it as a very important field that needs to be studied and applied, but I am not the one that will be applying it, nor do I have any use for the knowledge gained in that class.

Engineering and STS (English) are slightly more useful, though I'd still rather not have to take them. But I can see that they might end up being helpful. But Chem is a worthless class for me.

-_- Sorry about the rant. *lj-cuts*

But yeah. Some of this was UVA specific, some wasn't. There'd be classes that I'd have to take no matter where I went that I'd feel were completely and utterly worthless.

I should go get dressed, eat, and get ready for calc.

edit [calc and complaining, etc.]: Saw two tiny baby squirrels, but coulnd't take a piccieture cuz I was on the phone with Mom. They were cute, though. ^^

Glad I brought a jacket to class; it was freezing!

I hate not knowing what I need to get an A. (or a B or whatever.)

These people can't do simple stuff like the integral of e^-3x ... GAH! And really.. why do substitution for that? It's SIMPLE!

I .. -sigh- To clarify my comment to Myles earlier, the two aren't mutually exclusive, but if I can get a good education and be closer to home, it's much more preferable than being here and getting a UVA education. If I'm looking at the long run and thinking that I might actually somehow try for my dreams, I need the skills, not the degree. In fact, if I could do the skills without the degree, there'd be no point in me coming to college. -shrug-

So.. like.. yeah. I should get to work. .. .


Anyone wanna come visit me today? ;_j
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