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This day.

Since LJ is still blocked at school (though hopefully not for long), I'm gonna post the stuff I typed up or thought while at school.

(Gah, just find out Amanda got another snow day. I miss having days off.. I'll really need Spring Break to relax.. but I'm sure my stupid teachers are going to pile up stuff for me to do.. stupid.. >.< baka teachers! >.Flippin' 'ell!</b>
Time - 10:40
Mood - Ticked off.

I got a 78 on my trig test. As if that wasn't bad enough, Mrs. Bruner, who had said that were to read The Great Gatsby by the end of Spring Break, has made us read through chapter 6 by Thursday, when we have the quiz. That's 3/4 of the freaking book. I have so much crap to do for history; I can't freaking do that! GRR!! I needed her to stick to having it due at the end of Spring Break! GRRRR!!!

Ahh!! ::cries; sobs::
Time - 14:58
Mood - Busy/Working

I have so much work to do! AHH!! ;.; ::sobs:: If I'm online, then.. well, you're not likely to be able ot kick me off, but you'll at least know that I'm killing myself slowly by building up stress until I fail and pop. >.< I am so screwed. >.<

I can't wait till spring break. I just know that teachers will assign me a bunch of work, too. Bastards. >.<

After School

I took a little time to.. mess around
I don't know what was on my mind

I'll be passively obsessing
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