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Game/party last night.

Some of the better quotes from last night, stolen from lokiyote's journal (go check out the rest):

Rick: "You can OD on water."
Jeff: "Yeah, it's called drowning."

Nanashi: "I just don't like touching dead things."
Slater: "That would be necrophobia."
Kevin: "Oh, I have necrophil--I mean... Uh..."
Rick: "Oh, you, too?... I mean... that's horrible!"

Jeff: "If she couldn't poke you, there'd be no advantage to her being my boyfriend. (pause) Girlfriend. (pause) Dammit!"

Slater: "I need zeros to hit you. (roll) I hit you. (roll) I hit you. (roll) I hit you. (roll) I hit you. (roll) I hit you."
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