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Math help.

So yeah, the TA knew nothing, but I got a bit of help from other students - enough to get me started, at least. Gonna talk to Sparks to get a bit more help with one problem, and then I'll ask a question in class tomorrow to try to get the rest.

edit: I was helping others out with stuff I knew (which is everything but work, dammit; I can't believe I forgot work! >_<). I love Kreisa - this stuff is all review thus far because I had such a good calc class. (Too bad I forgot work, though. ::struggle struggle::)

moredit: [20:54:21] JimBob4554: lemme check answer, hold on
[20:54:24] JimBob4554: *moves food off book*
[20:54:30] JimBob4554: i feel like im in college now

Man, doing this stuff Kreisa way is so much easier, but so not the way the teacher or book do it. (Not that I understand the teacher or book, so this is better, but yeah. I wish I had gone through Calc II with Kreisa. >_<)

[20:56:49] JimBob4554: but im slowly getting the hang of them again
[20:56:53] JimBob4554: with lots of help and perserverence
[20:56:58] JimBob4554: im not used to trying this hard

[20:57:06] JimBob4554: i normally just give up

Oh, and Thanks, Sparks! You were right!
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