Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Sitting in the computer lab, waiting for English to start.

I was talking to Sparks earlier today, and she was asking for a good secret pal gift. Since she's not using my (awesome) idea, I thought I'd share it - a bag of balloons and a package of safety pins. That's $2+tax, and is a great gift. :D

It was raining lightly this morning (it was raining a lot more heavily before I started walking around), so I was walking around with my umbrella (you all remember that) and was getting lots of looks - some weird, but a lot of people were smiling. It cheered me up a little. :) It was hard to keep from grinning.

My calc teacher is using substitution for problems like dx/xlnx ... I did it the way Kreisa taught it and, again, got the right answer a different (and in my opinion, easier) way. :D

CS quotes:

"In your ships, you have a float method - or a sink method." XP Talking about organization.

Prof: "What do you think the price is?"
Student: "It's on the bottom."
Prof: "Oh damn! I thought I blocked that out."

Talking about an old '89 computer. He blocked out the big price but not the little one on the bottom right of the ad. :D

So yeah. Lots of stuff to do, but only have 1 chapter instead of 3 for this week for chem (though that's actually 2 1/2 cuz I didn't do half of last week's chapters :P). Trying to keep up with everything - calc is difficult with the work problems, but I'm going to go tonight and get some help with those. The rest, I've pretty much got, I think. Just need to remember not to do some stupid stuff from last year (like putting that 1/y is the derivative of lny.. sicne it's (1/y)y' :P).

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