Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Mom walked in during a suspenseful part of my dream and scared the crap out of me. (Mom doesn't do anything quietly.)

Mom: What are your plans for the day?
Me: Not sure yet, but I have plans.

Dude, after a week of disuse, all the water thingies (like faucets) screw up before they start working properly.

I will be going back to UVA sometime Sunday afternoon. Will be late afternoon (like around 4) if I have things to do here; if not, then I'll just go back early and get some more chem work done as well. I have to go do my lab for CS. Much as I loathe to say it... it is more important than staying here for an extra half-day.

I will be back, though.

edit: It's kinda funny; CS101 had to give all the makeup exams last year (conflicts between that class and some others), so this year, they're like, "We gave them last year. You don't get a makeup here. Make your other teachers give you makeups. Tell them we said so." :D XD

Off the CS thing: "You can get help from classmates and course staff before succumbing to frustration. Frustration leads to the dark path."
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