Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Off the Psi-Phi mailing list:

"Second, Terry Pratchett will be at the Borders bookstore at Bailey's
Crossroads in northern Virginia at 7:30pm on Saturday, September 10.
Anyone who would like to go should email Judy at

Third, a number of authors including Neil Gaiman and Connie Willis
will be in DC on October 9, which is the beginning of the fall Reading
Holiday. More details about a trip up to DC to see them will follow
as it gets closer to October."

"Seventh, Judy mentioned trying to organize a trip to ShivaCon, a
science fiction and fantasy convention down in Roanoke that UVa's SCA
(Society for Creative Anachronism) already goes to every year. So, we
might make it a joint activity with them - Judy will provide more info
as the semester goes on."

"Finally, after watching "The Matrix" tonight in a classroom in Olsson
Hall, we resumed the Psi Phi tradition of hanging around and chatting
for a long time after the meeting. Along the way, I realized that a
considerable number of the newcomers to Psi Phi (as well as the
old-timers) have accounts on, and hence I created a
psi_phi community there. We may not end up using it for anything, but
if the LJers in Psi Phi would like somewhere to geek out and discuss
the week's movie or other plans, now we've got a place to do it. The
URL for the community is

and if you're an LJ user, you can join it by going to"
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