Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Quick Update:

Two nights ago, went to a casino night that was tons of fun. Went from 25000 start to 395000 finish and got lots of neat little toy thingies that I'm going to bring back with me, so if any of you want some cool stuff, gimme a call this weekend: 502-5374 cell or 747-4424 home.

Classes are.. a mix. The classes that I like, I don't have much work in, and I have fun professors. The classes that I don't like are assigning me a crapload of work, a lot of which I'm going to have to do today and over the weekend. Dammit. -shrug- Gotta get used to it, I guess, and gotta start setting up a lot of time to do it.

ENGR is actually looking to be pretty fun - the prof is cool. Met a guy named Russell through an activity that we did; cool guy. -shrug-

Yeah. Coming home tomorrow evening - gonna go watch Godwin band do the semi-performance. :)

edit: And yeah, for STS, we had to write for 10 minutes answering the question, "Why are you here?" I started out telling the story of Mom and Dad meeting, then went on to talk about their beautiful and brilliant children (the younger of which is more beautiful and more brilliant) and stuff, and I emailed it to myself.. but it didn't work, so you don't get to read it.

The problem with that, though, is that I emailed the same thing to the teacher - because we were supposed to. First assignment. So now I need to email him and be all, "WTF? It didn't work. How do I get credit?"
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