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My night.

Picked Slater up and went to the movies. Before the movie, as we were standing outside to see if anyone else would come, a girl runs up to Slater and says, "I know you from somewhere." (Everyone knows Slater from somewhere.) She knew him from One-Eyed Jack's. She was there with Erin.. or Aaron.. don't know which. Whenever I hear that name, I automatically think Erin Ladd, and it wasn't until Slater said "he," referring to an Aaron that he knows, that I remembered that it could be spelled that way. Funny, I remember a time when one of my best friends was named Aaron, and I thought it was funny that it could be spelled "Erin." Anyway, I have to talk to Erin and see if she knows her. The point of the whole thing is that I liked her; she was good-looking (from what I caught) (shoulder-length red/brown hair), looked kind of goth-y, and was the kind of friendly that I am, where she'll run up to people, talk to them for a little bit, and run back. It'd be great to have a girl like that. And I'll probably never see her again. Ahh.. ::shrug:: C'est la vie, eh?

The movie was okay/pretty funny. I wouldn't recommend it for most of the people that I am close friends with because of its nature, but it's still pretty good.

We (Slater and I; nobody else showed) went to Burger King to find that Jeff had left already; we grabbed some food and talked for a while. Walked over to Bev's, but Lauren wasn't there, so we moved on to Barnes and Noble. Tons of people we knew there; the group was ruined for Slater at the end because his ex-girlfriend appeared; I'm getting her a birthday present sometime this weekend (still gotta talk to Afton about that), so I didn't comment. Though I agreed somewhat with his comment that "that's the annoying thing about exs; they live." I'm glad that Maggie lives, but I wouldn't mind Melissa disappearing.

There was other stuff I wanted to say, but I can't remember it. But one thing I learned from the movie (Dysfunktional Family) was that when you whip somebody with a belt, you come back and hit yourself. That's why the expression "This is going to hurt me a lot more than it's going to hurt you" evolved. Gotta use switches. ^^;

Uff. Wish I remembered the other thing I wanted to say. It was kinda important, I think. Oh well; I want to find that girl again. I won't, and even if I did, I wouldn't get her, but still..
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