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Went to the activities fair today. (Actually, worked the Billiards Club table for a few hours because I'm an officer. x_x Gonna have to make the website or something. The site's gonna suck hardcore.) Signed up for a few clubs - cardplaying club (didn't find poker club, but these guys do poker.. and spades! and stuff), renaissance club, and Psi-Phi club. Psi-Phi club is a club about science fiction and fantasy and stuff - it's got a lot of gamers. :P However, they do things mostly Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons, so I doubt I'll be gaming much this year.

On a side note [don't let me forget to tell my mom] - E [guy named Greg from next door just stopped by to introduce himself and said I could come by whenever I wanted; cool.] .. Ed pays $300/month for his apartment on the corner (which is a better price than the dorms) and that gets electricity and water - and I don't need anything phone or cable.

Oh yeah, I also signed up for tea club. Yes, there's a tea club. Never know when I might want to go and have some tea. I like tea. :)

There's an Extreme Paper Challenge club - oragami+! :P Didn't sign up for that.

Know what's annoying? Not having straws. I like ice cuz it makes/keeps my drink cold, but then I need a straw. ;_j

It's also weird to see clocks that go the right way. x_x

When I went to the book discussion, we did introductions, and we were supposed to say our name and something interesting about ourselves, or tell what we like, or tell a joke or something. I told my Knock Knock joke - got a whole one laugh. But at least she was cracking up. XD

'Nother joke I picked up from there (which I'm pretty sure I've heard before): Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

Fo' drizzle!

The prof doing the book discussion was very nercous and laughy, and there was a very brown-nosy guy who annoyed me. ;_j [Hey, shut up, I'm not that bad. I just participate in class and ask questions. That's different.]

We were talking about lack of sleep, and I mentioned that I had been up for 5 days straight.. to play an online game.. I got funny looks. >.>

Working the table for Billiards club was rough - way too warm. x_x Darnit.

Random.. stories.. about.. stuff.. yeah.

Meeting Bobby at 7 for casino night. He's trying to convince me to stay here as much as possible. (Here's a hint - it's not going to work.)

Gotta email some people and figure out my class locations so that I'll know where to go tomorrow. Yeah.

edit: Oh, and I'm going to have to actually check my UVA email because that's how the email was asked for, so that sucks.
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