Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Your Final Fantasy Life by Hour_of_Scarlet
Your FaceYou have beautiful, teal eyes that are to die for.
Your HairYou just have short, fuzzy hair.
Your Body StructureYou're short, and a bit on the large side.
Your ClothingClothes? Oh, you mean this loin cloth?
Your WeaponYou don't need to fight, you've got your gang.
Your Special AbilitiesYou can transform into an esper, but only for about one turn.
Your PersonalityYou've got that glow about you. That demonic one that everyone wishes they had.
Your Best FriendYou're guard dog is your best, and most noble friend.
Your BackroundThe town's people always rejected you, so you've been very lonely.
Good or BadYou're bad, but you turn good later.
Gil Amount6,674,198
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Livejournal Family!
LJ Username
Favorite Color
Husband lil_insanity
Mother nickwolfwoodt
Father xtheimpfaeriex
Sister macoto
Brother goddessleila
Dog mystedraveneyes
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Not a single one of those is gender-appropriate! Awesome!

Less than a day and a half left.. I don't want to go. Had a good couple hours, but they were sad, and I didn't want them ever to end, but they did.

Fresh start, new beginning, with only one thing tying me here.
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