Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Email from Sparks

OK I am sending this to you because well... you are the only email address I actually have on my yahoo account. All the computers at my dad's house aren't working. This means that the ONLY thing working is his laptop and that has his stupid work blocking system on it. I can't even get onto AOL to check that crappy mail so Yahoo is nice since most people ahve it now.

So yeah. NOt only do the computers not work but the internet doesn't have a very good connection. This computer won't let me get on AOL's site to download AIM which means no communication out either on that part. As for Livejournal that of course is blocked so I have to keep writing down all my memories taht I want to put in there as soon as I get my cousins to allow me to use their computer at their house which will probably not be until tomorrow or Wednesday. Hopefully I get to make an update or else reading through my friends pages is going to be annoying.

I miss everyone... a lot... I like having a semi plan of things to do but I am also not having a bad time here either. I plan on going to Busch Gardens and I am finding out that my cousin has a LOT of purple stuff ::giggles:: that will be VERY benificial to me. those gloves OMG are the EXACT SAME MATERIAL/COLOR it is soooo awesome and they take up OVER HALF MY ARM. you MUST SEE THEM... so yeah anyways.. I'll calm down and shut up now...

If you get online/bored PLEASE tell the world my yahoo email address like Cy and Jeff and BEG them for me to email me. Or well give me their email addresses... this really sucks so much I want to update about.. So yeah how is Kevin? Did you get to hang out with Cy today? I tried if not I really did try... but yeah sorry for waking u up but I had to tell you about me awesome gloves....


Her email is, if anyone wants to email her and say hi. :)
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