Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

What do you dream about?
Zodiac Sign:
Fav. Color Combo:
Your dreams generally include: Forests and wildlife
Approximate number of monthly nightmares: 122
The worst monster you've seen in a dream:
Your dreams are usually in full color
Percentage of dreams involving sex - 85%
Will your dreams ever come true? (8) - Very doubtful. - (8)
This cool quiz by cutelilangelx - Taken 268120 Times.
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Well, at least my sex-involving nightmares won't likely be coming true.

What do the LOTR men think of you? by ladyearwentari
Name (LJ or Real)
Viggo said yourOrlando Obsessed
Orlando says the sex wassweet
Elijah imaginedyou on your knees, taking him in deep
Sean B could notfind handcuffs to put them on you
Karl freaked out whenyou showed up naked in public
Dom thinks you lookhe couldn't find words to describe how beautiful you looked
Billy noticedthe cum dripping from your lips
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Wow, the answers are exactly the same whether it's Kevin or zimdanen.
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