Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

"You're the worst parents ever!"
"We are not! My parents were!"

The Manchurian Candidate was pretty good. The end was unbelievable, and the beginning half was scary (thus making it a bad movie to watch at night when I have to drive home all by myself), but it was still good. Not what I expected. Kinda wish I had had someone to come home with me, though.

Had a very nice turnout for Tiki Tiki - 14 people scrounged up during the day's adventures. ^^

I'm not going to post about what else has been going on - if you want to know what I'm doing, come hang out with me and talk to me.

I'll be posting my Otakon post soon. It's almost done.

edit: Oh yeah, and I bought a feather tickler in Spencer's today. ^^

moredit: Thanks to everyone who came. It was a blast, and a lot bigger than anything else I've organized this summer.

...Which just goes to show that you all are LAZY BUMS! >_< I need an autocaller thing to call and invite people places..
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