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I have a huge pile of books in my room that I've bought but still haven't gotten around to reading.. and I just bought two more to add to that collection. I love reading, but being online always distracts me from it. Moreso after Melissa and I broke up than anytime before (which might be because I now have such a good friend =). I'd really like to get around to reading my books, but I really wanna be with my friends too. It'd be great if I could just read books and hang out with friends all day (sometimes together :P).

What Is Your X Japan Ballad?

Time through the rain has set me free
Sands of time will keep your memory
Love everlasting fades away
Alive within your beatless heart.

Yeah, anyway, I have a lot of work to do (which I really do need to get done since not just my grade is riding upon it).
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