Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

And so it comes down to this.

I'll be taking two loans for college - one that will be subsidized, and one that won't be. Thus, I'll be needing to pay back one of my loans while I'm in college. Which sucks, as it's more than I have at hand.

I'm also going to be getting a new cell phone. My parents will be paying for the plan, but if I want a decent phone, I'll be paying what the phone will cost extra.

I've been driving people around on my own half-dime for a while - I've been paying for half my gas solely so that I could shuttle people around - but due to the fact that I won't be making any money while I'm in college but still be needing to pay off this loan, I'm going to stop driving people around until I get a decent source of income. (And thus, my parents will again be paying for all my gas usage.) Sorry all, but this is necessity.
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