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Got a tea set for my parents from the store that Slater recommended (thanks, Slater! :), then hung out with Afton in the mall for a while longer. Looked at some more dresses - forgot the name of the place, but it had a lot of nice dresses.

Going to have dinner with family all together tonight, since it's my parents' anniversary and whatnot :P, then go play poker with Bobby at some place down on Parham or something. $30 buy-in sit-and-go; hoping to leave with more money than I came. :P Of course, since we won't be there till like 3 hours in (starts at 7), we'll be a bit behind.. will make it tougher. ;_j

Gonna find something to do tomorrow, then movie Friday (though that's not till the evening...)... then off to Otakon for Saturday/Sunday, and hoping for something special on Monday, but we'll see.

Got a present for someone that they're going to hate. :D Should be fun. (cheap little thing, but still fun)
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