Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Your Disney Musical by paper_tzipporah
Favorite Disney musical
Your Disney musical is calledThe Slutty Princess
Your heroine/hero isjsbee
Your love interest ismacoto
Your villain isburntblood
At the beginningyour hero/heroine is a recovering alcoholic who joins in the pub sings with his/her fellow townsfolk, but later sings tragic love ballads and cries himself/herself to sleep.
The plot thickens when the villainblames all domestic problems on a far-off sovereign nation, which he/she then proceeds to bomb quite thoroughly for no apparent reason.
But all ends well whenyour love interest becomes a nun/priest, and the hero/heroine is forced to solve his/her problems on his/her own.
Memorable songs areWhat a Friend We Have in Mussolini; Poison, Bombs, and Bioterrorism; Laughing As I Kill.
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That's kinda f'ed up.
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