Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

The Ultimate Political Survey

Describe Your Stance On:

Abortion: I've always said that pro-choicers should have the choice to abort or not abort, and pro-lifers shouldn't. Which effectively makes me both pro-choice and a prick. :P Punishes those pro-life people that turn out hypocritical.

Age of Consent: Honestly, in this world, 16 but maybe as low as 14. However, provisions to keep people under a certain age from having sex with people a certain number of years older than they are. So 14x14 would be fine, but 14x22 would be jailtime.

Animal Testing: I honestly don't have much problem with it. Yes, yes, poor animals - if you want to volunteer in their stead, by all means. But as technology progresses, we should theoretically have less and less need for animal testing.

Death Penalty: I'm all for it. It's a simple solution that keeps the world safer. Of course, we have to be careful with its use.

Downloading Music/Movies: Pure and simple, this is stealing and should be punishable. Of course, I resent any attempt to punish it as much as anyone else, but I still think that attempts should be made to punish it. I just think that some of the ways the record industry is trying to do so and to prevent such things shouldn't be being done.

Drug Decriminalization: Honestly, this is a toughie. I can see arguments for both sides quite easily, and in a country that I'd run (which would be a corporate state), drugs would be illegal and heavily regulated. However, the in-between state in which the US is isn't very good - it's illegal enough that you'll get in trouble and there aren't regulations to protect people, but it's not illegal enough to actually put enough energy into keeping drugs out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them.

I do know that, if drugs were legalized, I'd be a very sad panda, personally, because people I know would do them if they weren't illegal, and that would make me sad.

Factory Farming: I'm not sure what this means, but if it means industrial farming as opposed to the little farms, then it's a good idea. If the government would stop trying to "protect the family farms," we'd have better produce for cheaper, and we wouldn't be wasting money buying up produce to let it rot to keep prices up. The poor would be more easily fed. I just think it's stupid.

Free Trade: As yet undecided on how free trade should be. I need more information on it. My brother espouses completely free trade with every other breathe, as do seemingly most economists, but I'd like to see both sides better before making a decision.

Funding of Arts: If your art's so good, it should be able to fund its own damn self! ;P

Gay Marriage: Go for it. Power to the people and whatnot.

Gun Control: My brother espouses no gun control, but I disagree. Sure, it's protection, but it's also guns in the hands of anyone. *shrug* Besides, guns have no flair. If you're going to kill someone, make it something special. Stake them out by a fire and peel their skin off with a hot knife, and if they're still alive after that (which they will be, if you're good enough), pour a bit of honey on them and stir up a nearby anthill.

Immigration: God damn, tighter controls, please! Illegal immigration is way too easy. And really, how much immigration can we take? Let's get a decent standard of living for most people before we take a bunch more people to take care of.

Hardcore Pornography: Hey, if everyone's willing, I don't see the problem.

Human Cloning: Mmh. Heavily monitored and regulated. Could be dangerous.. But I'm not against it.

Military Draft: I'm pretty against this. A) I don't think people should be forced onto a war front, and B) Would you really feel safe in a fire fight if the guy next to you - who's supposed to be protecting your ass - didn't want to be there?

Minimum Wage: An interesting concept. I'm as yet undecided about this, really, but it irks me.

Prostitution: Again, if everyone's willing, I don't see a problem. However, it should be regulated by the government to make sure the prositutes are clean.

School Vouchers: Uhh.. honestly, I think school should be free, teachers should be better paid, and the standards of education raised, but that's just me. Go logistics?

Taxes: Taxes are good. However, I don't necessarily agree with how they're done.

United Nations: Ehh. Seems to be a bit outdated..

Universal Health Care: I'm of two minds on this. Everyone should be able to see a doctor and whatnot, but on the flipside, privatized health care is what makes advances in health care possible. A happy medium.

War on Terrorism: Oh so very effective. God. A war on terrorists is fine, if you know what you're doing, but a war on terrorism seems a bit grandoise, and in this current one, we've gone below and beyond any reasonable objectives we may have had when we started.
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