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Old School

Umm.. it wasn't that great a movie. It had a few good parts, but mostly it wasn't anything most of my (actual) friends would like. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone except that the part with the guys cheerleading is a must see. ^^;; Just sneak in for that part, then leave. :P

We hung out at Barnes & Noble for a bit, went over to TGIFriday's and sat while I called rents to pick us up to go to Friendly's, then walked over to Walmart. It was a beautiful night. We saw Steven Slavin "and gang" there, which was awesome. I haven't seen him since the end of last school year. He's dropped out of CNU (where he was getting a full ride), which sucks, but.. ::shrug:: Still awesome to see him again. He was the only one in my computer programming class (including the teacher) that was better with TB than I was.. and he was quite a bit better than I was. (I was quite a bit better than everyone else. :P)

We got to Friendly's and nobody we knew was there, so we hopped over to Glory Days Grill and I showed him the place. We got some stuff (I had cherry cobbler, of course.. mm, that stuff is delicious.. and he had a vanilla smoothie), then dropped him off at home and went home. We definitely need to bring people next time; the search for things to do isn't all that fun (though it wasn't so bad tonight). And I'm driving next time. Things are a lot more convenient when you have a car. o.o
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