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I can relate

Dammit, third time I've started this post. Grr. >.< I'm just gonna link to lyrics instead of posting them this time. Koneko, check them out [A Place in the Sun (whole cd)].


Can relate to these.. I need to download that song so that I can hear it; I doubt it sounds like Lit, which is what it plays like in my head.

And hey, Lit has a new album out! I gotta get Atomic!

It annoys me when I keep closing this window by accident because of all the stupid popups. >.< And I didn't even find the lyrics that I was trying to! I went looking for Lit lyrics to post specific ones that I have in my head.. I'll keep looking.

EDIT: Darn, finished looking through all the lyrics and still didn't find 'em. That's not a good sign. >.> <.< >.>

EDIT again: Found 'em. They're in "Miserable" -

Used up all of my friends
Who needs them when you mean everything
I love the things that we should fear
I'm not afraid of being here
So much the same
It makes me helpless alone

The first two lines (which I break up into three, generally) were/are the ones in my head. ::sings while in trig:: Not like I can pay attention anyway; I forgot my glasses at home and can't see what the heck he's writing.
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