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My feet are killing me..

I got a good 5.03 hours in today at work. ^^;; At a minimum of $7/hr, that's a minimum of $35. ::makes a face:: I need money though. And the job's pretty cool. I brought home some cherry cobbler for my family to try (made my parents wait a bit while it came out), and everybody liked it (of course; I told you, it's the best!). And I got my employee number. It's 711. ::grins:: Hey, I'm takin' everyone out for slurpees sometime soon! :D

Well, I'm gonna go change, talk to some people, check some things, then get some work done. I really need to get my work done so that I can start on my book review. >.< I will start early this time! In fact, I'll even get it done early, because I can't work on it over break. ^^-

EDIT: Oh, and apparently I'm not getting my car any sooner than I would have gotten my mom's. So there's absolutely no benefit to me whatsoever in getting a different car. This blows. I'm very not happy with this.
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