Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

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Nippon Saga

I love this RPG! Though Faji's posts annoy me, I'm still having so much fun! It's great. I'm having tons of fun with Dice. And I'm gonna go talk to Loki now, hehe. ^^ Should be fun. Wonder how that's gonna work. It's great not knowing what's gonna happen, and be able to just write and see where it goes. ^_^ I love this! Ahh, and I love my character. He's so cool. It's gonna be hard when I move him out of the tavern, though: he's very personable in there, but he's not outside. And if he goes out with people, or preparing to go, he's still gonna have to become the cold, feelingless, amazing dude that he is. But it still should be fun to get there. ^_^
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