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I realized again tonight how much I absolutely love my job. Sure, I don't like being there a lot of the time, but it really is amazing to work with these people. However, I also know that I'm barely working (I'm giving away most of the few days I get assigned, and I take off over half of each month) and that I'm not likely to become a server (saw them training 4 new people today, but I got nothin'), so I've decided that it's about time that I move on from being a busser at Glory Days. I handed in my two weeks.

As this was likely my last day - I doubt Jason will schedule me for next schedule - and as I owe Matt a lot for covering a lot of my shifts, I switched with him for which cut we were. See, we were anticipating a party of 60+ (swim team, parents, coaches) around 10:45 (15 minutes before we close), which would make it a late night. Same thing happened last Wednesday, and he had to stay. He was up early this morning, and will be up early next morning, and I figured that I owed him and I might as well pick up the extra cash, so I switched. Very glad I did. (I was on for over 7-and-a-half hours, so I should be getting good money for this. :D)

Conversation between Jessica (T.) and myself while waiting for the party to arrive. (Actually, by this point, another team was supposed to come, but they'd only be about 15 people.) :

J: Makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs.
Me: Go for it; the restaurant's empty at the moment.
J: No; might get in trouble.
Me: What are they gonna do - send you home?

The actual meet ended up being delayed a bit because of rain [fun comment made by a parent or coach: "We're gonna have to delay the meet; the swimmers are afraid of getting wet." XD], and so a lot of people didn't come - we really only needed like 3 of the 6 servers that ended up staying, max.

Since I had nothing to do until everyone was leaving, I decided I'd learn to expo stuff. If they had trained me to be a server, I would already have known how to do that, but as it was, I started to learn. I've decided that I'm going to come back and learn to expo and whatnot in all my free time - I'm going to force Jason to throw me some kind of a bone. I can't be a manager until I'm 21, but I'll get something out of him. For now, that means working for free (until he decides, "Well, if he's going to be here all the time bugging me anyway, and he's actually doing work, I might as well pay him"), but that also means that I get to set my own schedule, as I'm just coming in and doing things on my own. :P

I told Jason I'd be there at 9 tomorrow to help expo (and pick up my tipshare from tonight), so people at the party, please make sure I go. :) It'd be embarassing if I didn't show. :P I will force this issue! Initiative is a good thing.

Last fun quote of the night:
"You gotta be shitting me."
"I wouldn't shit you; you my favorite turd!"

Hey Pat - if explanation is needed, show them the card. That's really the best advice I can offer.
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