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I took Sunday off so I could play the tourney online. Probably not the best idea, but oh well.

I saw the Boston Crusaders perform. They were pretty good, and I liked their music. They used some voice-over, which I'm not particularly fond of.. but it was neat to see their Guard performing actually mixed up with their band.. cuz when we even got close to the band, we had lots of problems. :P [Also reminded me how much I don't want to do marching Guard and how much I'd rather do Winter Guard. But oh well; if they'll teach me sabre, I'm happy.]

Kabuto was fun with Rebecca and Andrea. :) And I finished most of I, Robot while in the store, and I'm there tomorrow and Friday, so I think I should be able to finish all three of the books. (There are four in the series, to my knowledge, but I only have immediate access to three at the moment.)

Don't really know what I'm going to do tonight, but I really need to get some sleep.. but it's a little early to go to sleep yet, so if anyone wants to do anything for a few hours, please, feel free to give me a call.

edit: Oh yeah, house is mine (and my brother's) for the next couple nights, if anyone wants to spend the night. :D (Not that that's really that big of a deal, since you can spend the night when they're here too, but still. I'm lonely.)
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