Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I definitely think playing at Bobby's house yesterday honed me for what I need to do playing online. I just sat down, won $20.50, and got back up so that I wouldn't lose it.

"Feeling pretty good about myself." :)

edit: Oh, and apparently a million play-money chips goes for $20 on ebay. Need to get back up to a lot of play money. (I thought I had over a million, but I forgot I Had lost it. I was just fooling around cuz I didn't think it was worth anything. :P)

moredit: Oh, and I met a couple really cool guys at poker, too. Hope to see them again. The one I liked more started slow-playing me and then went all in against me, which was sad, because I didn't want to play him.. but I had 2A spades in my hand and two spades dropped on the flop. I think the third spade came on the turn, so by the time he went all in, I was almost sure I had it won. =/ That was sad. But, it did keep me afloat to wait for Bobby to take the other guy out so I could get second.
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