Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


So, my mother comes in to tell me that our neighbor from across the street hit my car, stopped, got out, looked at my car, then got back into his and drove off. She witnessed it and one of the construction workers witnessed it. Cop's on his way out, supposedly, and Mom's got a 10:15 appointment with the insurance people. Told her to write down everything she saw and get the other guy to do the same.

Hit-and-run's a felony, is it not?

edit: Mom's on her way to take my baby to the body shop to get an estimate, the guy's going to be charged with hit-and-run (and apparently "improper backing") and so Mom may or may not have to go to court (depending on if he pleads guilty or not), and I'm gonna go work the store until Mom gets back.

Fun start to the day. I tell ya, this neighborhood's going to crap already. ;)
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