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"When you've got something going somewhere, you don't want to leave."

8 people (including me) showed up for LQ. :( It was tons of fun, though. We played a game by ourselves first, and I got first out of the eight, then we played with a bunch of other people, and I got fifth out of twenty-seven. Then we played the Iron Man game (half-hour long, last game of the night) and I got ninth out of ten people. Man, that game really sucked for me. :P And everyone was camping! Ugh. Kiwi asked why I was running around - there would have been nobody to shoot if I hadn't been! :P Awesome night, though.

Couldn't answer Jess' call because I was driving. =/ Really wanted to. Got lonely. :( Rough day for a few reasons, in that regard.

Afton, Bobby, and I went to Hooters for dinner; they're open till 1 on Saturdays! :D Food was okay, girls were okay. Not particularly a good restaurant in any regard, except that it's open late.

Spent too much money today. At least some of that was my mom's money, though, so it's not as bad.. but I still blew a lot of money.

edit: And I spoke in Spanish to Tenshi a bit, which was really nice. I miss Spanish quite a bit. I remember speaking online in Spanish for hours and actually knowing what I was talking about; I'm reduced to very basic Spanish now.. And I talked to Ally about Spanish too.
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