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Posting from Afton's.

We went to see Harry Potter, which was good the second time around too; fun talking. Then we went to Walmart and got:

  • Loony Toons hot chocolate (with character marshmellows!) [me]
  • White Chocolate hot chocolate [me]
  • Hot Chocolate (with extra marshmellows) [Afton]
  • Bacon Cheeseburger pizza (which is being heated up now)
  • Rainbow Sherbert (dessert!)
  • Embroidery floss for making bracelets and stuff [Afton, though I get one of them!]
  • Earwires [Afton]
  • 6-pack of small waterguns for summer fun >D [Me, though Afton gets one, or more if she wants]
  • Couple cool things for a friend o' mine.


    Realization as I was driving: Slater has effectively built up my life here. He's gotten me all my friends. I met him in 8th grade, and he made me a lot of my original and band friends.. then I joined Chorus and Guard.. both of which I joined because of Slater. Wow.. that's an odd realization. One person has shaped almost my entire life in Richmond.
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