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Nick's party

was awesome. Lots of people I knew. Some highlights:

  • DDR, until we were kicked out.
  • Good food and fun relatives (and speaking a bit of Spanish)
  • Tenshi digging around in my pants.
  • Seeing Kiwi outside tossing a broomstick and actually going out to correct her. Yes, Guard flows through these veins. >_<

    So yeah, I'm going to a DDR party at Phil(l)ip's Friday afternoon and have been told by Bobby that he doesn't care who or how many show, so if anyone wants to come with, do tell.

    Random stuff:

  • My street smells like a fish market for some reason.
  • I have XS Energy Drinks now, if anyone's interested.
  • If anyone wants to go out to lunch tomorrow after Graduation practice, tell me!
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