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The day started off pretty suckily - I got up, ate, read until I couldn't stand it anymore, then went to school and hung out with Rick and Ms. Matthews for a while. (I love hanging out with Ms. Matthews; she is seriously one of the coolest people. :) The first half+ of the day was just lonely, because last night was very not lonely ^^ and so I was lonely today by comparison. Baccalaureate was shrug, but had really good cheesecake after! :D

The day really improved when we started playing poker. I forgot everything else and got into it. We played 2 small games - only 4 people - but I won both and so made $40, $20 of which is owed to me by Jeff, because I lent him $20 so that he could play the games.. which is funny, cuz I borrowed $20 from my mom to be able to play cuz I had no cash. :P Then Jeff and I played DDR, and I played a lot of Maniac so that I could practice. I actually passed (C) B4U (8-footer) on Maniac, which was pretty cool. :D Go me! Whoo, though, I was breathing very hard after playing all that (and during), and had rivers of sweat pouring down me, because I know you all want to know that. :P

Then Jeff and I talked for a bit - I seriously wish I had all of our conversations recored, because we say some good stuff. Oh well..

Oh, and I fix0red my watch. Much coolness. And I felt loved. :) Also much coolness.

Welp, now I'm gonna call Kendall (if she still wants to talk to me) and talk for a while. Should probably crack open my Bawls - it'll be a long night, and I can read after I talk to Kendall. :) (Yay for getting back into reading! :D) I don't have to be up at any particular time tomorrow, though I have to go get graduation tickets and get more signatures in my yearbook.

edit: Oh yeah, Tony's were pretty cool. Saw them partly while playing poker.
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