Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

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Dude. Sweet.

There's a girl in my study hall whose charger is very frayed, and big guy was electricuting himself with it. That looked fun. ^-^

I was trying to convince Afton to come to the dinner tonight, but I failed. ;.; But she says that O'Charley is a very good restaurant, so that's a plus. ^^ Katie came and started beating me with my pen. XD That was fun. ^^;; hehe.

Anyway, I gotta get some more work done on my notes. Though I won't finish them before my test, so I'll turn them in tomorrow and get 9/12 on them. Kinda like the ones I turned in yesterday instead of Friday. >.< Things aren't going well. ::sniffle::


I want.. nevermind. >.>
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