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That was the first decent party I've been to in half a year; was absolutely awesome. Had a blast. Even declined going to see Shrek 2 (again) with hot females to avoid leaving early. ;)

However, didn't end so well, as sometime within the last 4 hours, my credit card and my debit card went missing. Which sucks, a lot.. I called and blocked/cancelled/whatevered my credit card, and I'll have to wait until Monday to do anything about my debit card, but nobody should be able to use that without the PIN anyway, and I didn't keep the PIN with the card, so.. that should be okay.

=/ Annoying..

I distinctly remember putting all the cards back in, and when I checked my wallet, the two were missing and my insurance card was moved, so I'm pretty darn sure that they were taken. And my $5 was missing, though I could care less about that.


Oh well. Moving to block any damages to my credit and my finances, so it should be okay; will just have to get reestablished. Not that big a deal. Don't regret the night. :) [Do regret not putting my wallet and my stuff back in my pockets once we stopped playing DDR, though.. =/]

Might be going back to Raleigh's for brunch tomorrow morning. We'll see.
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