Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


This is a collection of all the random scribblings I made this weekend. Prepare for insanity. >D

Mom: "What kind of milk do you like? Chocolate or..."
Me: "Strawberry."
Mom: "I bought chocolate."
Me: "Well, good job! Thanks for asking."

So sweet; saw a Delorean on 95 North. :D

I hunted me down some nuts and raisins with my hunting dagger. Love putting that thing to use. :P

"Inspiration is needed in geometry, just as much as in poetry." - Aleksandr Pushkin

Dear friend, don't miss me, (or don't be lonely)
I'll return, I know for sure
Maybe at day, maybe at night
Don't forget me

^ Translation of a Russian song. Thought it was fitting.

This love has taken its toll on me
She said goodby too many times before

I thin I've figgered out why I'm so naturally loud... heh heh. ^^;;
Oh, and goose liver is definitely better than beef liver. (Which turned out to be chicken liver. This was at dinner at my uncle's; my family is so amazingly loud.. x_x)

It's so pretty outside, looking out the back of Dada Garik's house. It's so calm and beautiful...
(Dada Garik = the uncle.)

An' Daddy said my hair smells good. I swear, it's a conspiracy! XP

I love Dave; he's great. :) Glad I'm here, now.
(Dave = Little Dave. Who is my cousin. I have three cousins named Dave, though I normally only think of two of them - Little Dave and Big Dave. :P)

(She called just as I was starting to get a bit down; cheered me up. :)

Got into The Day After Tomorrow for free because Alex knows the manager on duty and the guy always lets him in for free. I went with Alex and Dave.
Extremely good movie. Extremely.
And Dave might be coming down sometime during the summer. That'd be sweet.

"Excuse me. Guys? There's a whole section on tax laws that we can burn."

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

One of the great things about Rochester - the theaters here actually do play midnight movies. That's what I hate about Richmond theaters - you can't go see a movie at 11:55. The latest I remember seeing was 10:40. Sad. And Short Pump, at least, would get just as much custom at midnight as normal.


Left some stuff out, but that wasn't meant to be put up for general display. :P

"The greatest wisdom is kindness."

"This world is a narrow bridge, and the main thing is not to be afraid."

Wow, the Garbage Plate is really getting ripped off; I've seen Rubbish Plate and Trash Plate since I've been up here.
(Garbage Plate is a famous dish up there.)

Got a small, indirect inheritance. *sigh* Makes you stop for a minute.

It feels good to have no obligation anywhere, so I can just enjoy being up here. This is how it's supposed to be.

A quick recap of the day: Food is integral to a Russian existence. (And yes, I ate every time, and quite a bit, Jess. So there!)

I really want children one day. I don't think I'll have them. That makes me sad. I am, again, very grateful for my family; I come from a very great line, and I am very proud.

"Do you watch Sopranos?"
"No. I don't really watch T.V."
"Good. You're not missing much."
(That would be in reference to T.V., not the Sopranos. Just to clarify.)

It's funny; Alex's car has about a thousand miles more than mine does, and his is 6 years newer than mine! (He got his in 2001, and Mom got my Camry in 1995.)
(His has about 95000 miles on it. Mine's got about 94000. :D)

Extremely sweet idea - Mortal Kombat theme music as a DDR song.

"They're going to be counting down the years until you live forever."

People for the Ethical Treatment of Me - PETME!

One of the guys that worked with Yan and his wife (the guy's) sang for us; much awesome. (Dada Yan made them sing before they could leave. :D) Funny, good song. Good show. :D His daughter mostly wrote it, I think. Seemed to be a parody.

Dave (who just finished his first year of med school) says that getting 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day is an excellent way to stay healthy.
Alex is going to get into DDR to get his thirty minutes. :D
And I'll be making sure to play at least 30 minutes a day. :D If anyone ever wants to play, just give me a call before you come over, and you're welcome to!


Listening to Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up on the radio. Yay for practice for the test.
... Do they not have the second verse at all? o.o

If thou couldst see the entire world,
Still wouldst thou known nothing for sight.
The eyes have naught to do;
Only the heart canst see true.

The thee, a world of pain, my friend;
To thee, a world do I commend.

OMG!! And now Something is on the radio! And it sounds like crap! Seriously, the arrangement we did in Men's Choir is a million times better. (Funny thing is, I was just sitting here singing this, and it came on!)

It's good to see gas prices.. under two dollars.
(Yehp, gas prices are even higher up North.)

Well, that's all. If you actually read that.. do you have nothing better to do with your time? o.o

I'm gonna go type up my graduation thingie that I wrote too, and then go get my half an hour of DDR. :P

edit: I don't think I'm going to go get my half an hour right now... My moods are too easily affected by stupid things.
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