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Whee, short posts!

I love debating organ donation. I don't plan on ever being an organ donor, and when I'm asked why, I respond with, "Do you believe that Jesus Christ came back from the dead?" Ahh, that's so much fun. I started so much discussion/argument in English class. XD

EDIT: AHH, that was so much fun!! God, I love debating and arguing and putting forth information!

EDIT again: Now we've got a girl doing a presentation against euthenasia, and saying that our lives are based on religious beliefs and are worthless without them. Ahh, this should be fun. ::cracks knuckles::

Ay, that disgusts me. I don't give any credence to arguments based on "god" in situations like this. There has to be more backing it up than just religious faith in "god." ::yech::
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