Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Bobby was telling me about this $65, 40 person (though it's normally 100 person) poker game that I'm thinking about playing in.. that's a lot of money to put in, but also a chance at a huge amount back. Of course, I'd have to make the top 6 to get anything.. and I can almost guarentee that I won't be doing that.. but it still seems like fun, and worth a shot at least once.

I'm gonna go eat, then grab some stuff and we're heading out. I'll be back Monday evening. If you need me, you know my cell; if you don't know my cell, ask someone else. :P

edit: Actually, the 40 person one may have just been this weekend.. as I'm thinking of playing next weekend, it may well be the 100 people, which would up the prize money considerably. $50 of each entry fee goes to the prizes, and $15 goes toward funding it - they rent out a place and buy food and stuff.

I gotta talk to Bobby and have him set up a normal, smaller-stakes night too; bring Derek and Kendall (and Jeff, if he's willing to risk parting with some of his hard-earned money).
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