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Physics sucks. Stupid decisions. Waste.

Want to get in and participate, help people. Want to be captain. =/ Restless.

Kendall and Abby are the only ones that act like captains in front of the group. Kendall reminds me of me, somewhat - probably why I feel she should be captain. :P Jenni comes next in presence of self.

I don't particularly like being there. Feel chained; all I can do is pace. I'm going to eat and grab some stuff, then go back. After practice, I'll work with Kendall on her routine, if she still wants to, and then I'll try to do some homework (there) while waiting for Working practice to let out. Then I'll work with Jessica on her routine, if she wants it.

Need to talk to Andrea and see if she wants help with a routine (though I'm pretty sure that I can't really do much), cuz she needs a routine and needs to try out. (She's being pushed into trying out anyway; a lot easier to do that when you're actually at practice and telling her to go up.)
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