Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Quick gaming talk.

Went to B&N and checked out the Deluxe Character Sheets; yeah, they're pretty much crap. Which makes me sad, because I wanted to try them out - it would have been fun to use class-specific sheets, and it would have made it easy to keep track of which classes I hadn't played yet. I didn't really check out the non-deluxe character sheets because they weren't really open. =/

I thought of getting the Book of Vile Darkness and keeping that around while running my game. :D Just for fun. :D

I don't think I'll ever get one of the books that tells you how best to run a character, unless it's just to get a prestige class or something out of it, because I'm fairly certain I can make power characters on my own. Only problem I have with making characters is that I can't roll for diddly. (That and I tend to play fun characters rather than characters made to get to the goal. :P)

Just thought I'd rant a bit. :) <3 D&D.
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