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We set up, warmed up, sat around, then packed up. Practice today wasn't, which was great. Mr. Mitchell came just after we finished, so some of us stood around and talked with him for a while. THAT is what I missed about Guard. Won't have many more chances to do that.

I left that before it broke up; I'm normally the last one to leave. I really didn't want to leave, but I have stuff to do, I guess. *sighs*

I'm gonna be recognized as a "Superintendant's Scholar" at graduation - it's an award for the people that got the top 100 math scores and the top 100 verbal scores on the SATs in Henrico County. Cool.

I need my credit card. =/

Since I'm staying in-state, I might try out for Innovations. I don't know. I might just go hang out at Godwin Guard instead and learn all their stuff (the only reason I'd want to do Innovations would be to learn more stuff and keep pushing myself), but I definitely don't think anyone would want me there that much, if at all.

Mind's been a-race with various money-making ideas. Need some more capital, but since I'm staying in-state, I might try some stuff out.
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