Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Tenshi-chan, I needz0rz your help - wanna help me make a big banner and a little banner for my site? (Otherwise known as "wanna make me a couple banners while I sit there being a whiny brat?")

On other notes, and put into this post so that I didn't spam with more posts, I hate all the work my English teacher gives. I go to the site so that I could get what poems we were supposed to read - because I was actually going to try to read them - and she's got so much crap up there to read that I'm just not going to bother. And I'll do my paper tomorrow. I'm going to bed now; I wants my sleep. I had a really good weekend, and this is threatening to pull me down.

I'm gonna try a Slater and avoid as much work in English as I possibly can. And I'm going to hope to keep a B for the 9 weeks so I don't have to take the exam. *crosses fingers* Pray for me, or whatever you do. ^^;

Night all!
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