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Yay for wireless internet so that I can get online on my ibook without bothering people.

I'm in Atlanta. :D However, I forgot to bring the pair of jeans that I was going to bring, so I'm stuck with one pair of pants. I want to get to a drier (and a sheet of Snuggle or something) to get all the cat hair off, but I don't think anyone's home. I saw Chelsea and Mrs. Thomas leave on errands; I suppose Mr. Thomas went with them. Or maybe he had something else to take care of. Regardless, I'm stuck in cat hair pants for now. >_<

I'd been asking my parents for a small baggage type thing that I could keep in my car with extra clothes for a while now, in case I ever needed clothes and I wasn't home. And they gave me one Thursday night, when I was packing, but I figured, "Well, I don't need to do it now; I can do it when I get back." Boy, don't I feel like a moron? (Yes, yes I do.) This was pretty much precisely the situation for which I wanted it, and I didn't do it. >_< Blarf.
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