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Just got back.

Whee, that was fun. Best night I've had in a long time. Thanks, Tenshi. ^_~

We went to see Agent Cody Banks. That was, while being the most painful movie I've ever seen, a great movie. Then we went over to Burger King and abused Jeff's discount priveleges to get some food. Nanashi and Tenshi went home, and Slater, Jeff, Eric, and I went over to Bev's. There were a couple girls sitting outside on a bench, and one said, "Where were you?!" or something along those lines. I stopped and said to her, "I was at the movies, then went over to Burger King." She looked confused for a minute, then started telling me that she hadn't meant me. We just laughed and went inside. Lauren wasn't working, though, so we went back outside, and I introduced myself (originally typed as "myselves" o.o) to them.

We headed over to Barnes & Noble, as per Slater's suggestion. We had a blast there. God, so much to tell. I don't think I can do it. We found some pretty funny stuff, like Thoughts During Sex (I tell ya, when I'm having sex, I'm workin' complex math problems. And when I get the answer.. well, needless to say, it's orgasmic ^_~), and some great mini-books (Kama Sutra, Romance for Dummies, etc), had lots and lots and lots of laughs for a good half hour or so, then all dispersed. It's really too bad you weren't there, Tenshi. We'll have to make you stay later next time. XD

Ahh, I really needed that. I feel so light right now; it's great. Thank you all!!!

Oh, and one of the mini-books that we found was Girlfriend Gumbo, which we really should have gotten to give to Slater in front of Afton. XDDD
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