Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I'm a girl.

I wasn't feeling well. (Still not, though maybe a slight bit better. I'll try to occupy myself with some tedium to lighten my mood a bit.) So, I went shopping.

... I spent around 70 bucks. Which is a bit more than I set out to spend. All of it's for my Guard buddy, whose birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. Note that this is on top of what I had already gotten her (though I was planning on spending more). Yep, I think the gift's complete now, since I've spent some 90/95 bucks. Heh heh. Well, I think she'll like it all, at least.

If anyone's got some time, I suggest you go check out World Market (next to Best Buy on West Broad); it's got some really neat stuff. I spent a bit over half the money I spent today there.
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