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Competition was awesome. Everyone cheered very loudly for me. (;)) We got second place by .3 points, but we'll kick their ass majorly next week. (Oh, and we went up 12 points in the last two weeks.)

Uhm.. we saw Backlick Cleaners. That was fun.

I got to cheer for and bug Fluvanna a lot. That was fun. I'm now known as "guy in blue velvet."

"I'll give you an air hug because you're in the middle of all those girls."

:D That was the only Fluvanna hug that I got, but I was happy with it. (People on our guard kept calling me a player and whatnot. Speaking of which, we now have a rumor that Katey and I are whatever. Funny how things start.)

Pat's upstairs changing and going to bed. I'm gonna go crash now. My throat is completely dead, and I get to go to practice tomorrow from 2 to 9. Blargh.

OH! And if we're missing a quarter of our guard at finals.. well, we can't be missing a quarter of our guard at finals, to put it lightly. I hear the Sniders are going to South Carolina, Rita's going on a cruise, and Jenni's going to Hawaii. They had best all be there. >(
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