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Today was a good day for work.

The day started out with me picking up a small piece of paper off the floor near the back, and Mark saying that he loves working with me. (There are very few people who would do that; Mark is one; I'm another.) Then, at the end (so just now, pretty much), we were talking in the back, and Mark tells me that there's not a server that works there that doesn't have a compliment about how I do my job. I'm sure he's exaggerating a little, but it's nice to hear. :) He mentioned how he remembered back when Lewis and I were at odds - I replied with the statement (newer servers were around) that I was, when we started out, the worst busser (of 12) that we had. I'm one of the best now. :) Crystal told me earlier that I was the only one that still takes dishes from servers.

A little before I left, one of the servers, already off work and eating dinner with her boyfriend, took the time to ask me my name and thank me for helping her out today. That made me feel good. She tried to give me money before she left, but I didn't accept it (darn morals). It wouldn't have felt right - I just do what I think I should be doing, and knowing that people appreciate that is plenty good for me. :) I'm very glad I didn't quit back when I wasn't good - I loved the job then, and I still do.

Schoolwork piles up, but I'll deal with that somehow. I always do, and manage to get passable grades.
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